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Bread pudding

Bread pudding 1
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Bread pudding recipe

Do you have bread leftovers? Let’s do a bread Pudding. This recipe is perfect for your. You can do it with any kind of bread, preferably with gluten free bread.

Let’s make a sweet pudding with bread.


  1. 300g of bread
  2. 1/2L milk
  3. 100g brown sugar
  4. 4 eggs
  5. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  6. q.s. caramel to grease the pan


  1. Grease the pudding pan with the caramel and set aside
  2. Put the bread, milk, sugar, eggs and cinnamon in a blender and mix it for 5 minutes at full power
  3. Transfer it to the pudding pan
  4. Boil it in a water bath for about 1 hour
  5. Let it cool down. Remove from the pan and garnish with almond
Pudim de pão
What do to with bread leftovers?
Pudim de pão
Bread pudding

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